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Printed fabric labels (PFLs) are widely used for both information labels such as care content as well as main branding labels. Printed fabric labels can provide a wide range of different looks to the brand, whether a distressed branding on a heavy canvas tape or a fine print on a satin feel label.
With many print and tape options plus printing on the reverse side, PFLs are and extremely versatile option suitable for any brand.

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Woven labels and tapes are used as the finishing touch to a wide range of quality> Woven ribbons are used in a vast assortment of applications including ribbon wrapping flat folded shirts, handles for promotional bags and integration of trim into a textile or apparel item.

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Custom woven labels provide a lasting impression; they are an important detail to any brand's final product. General Label has provided professional, personalized woven label manufacturing since 2010 and we are happy to share our experience with our customers. We understand exactly what it takes to make a quality, memorable woven label, and we strive to provide you with the highest quality label at the best possible price.

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